EMMANUELLE “EMME” PETERSON is a veteran soap actress. But don’t call her a diva.

She was ready to retire to a beach somewhere until her sleazy husband, RANDY, embezzled her money and left her and her 8-year-old daughter, SARAH.

Now, she’s a single mom, broke, and still starring on the Bare and The Brazen, one of the few soaps that hasn’t been canceled.

So what if she dates the occasional young co-star?

During the Emmy Awards, Emme’s co-presenter, (and ex-fling) DIEGO, doesn’t show up for his cue. While Emme is presenting the award alone, Diego’s dead body falls from the rafters.

Now, Emme is the prime suspect in his murder. And she knows if she tells handsome and brooding DETECTIVE FRANK JAKES her alibi, she could risk losing her daughter.

Emme decides she’ll use her wits, her knowledge of the inner workings of soaps, and advice from her tough ex-cop mom CHARLOTTE to discover who the real killer is and clear her name. 

Only hitch to an otherwise flawless plan?

The real killer now wants Emme as their next victim.